Bid farewell to hangovers!

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Partying for every human being means going out with a bunch of friends and drinking and dancing. But the next morning? Don’t we all absolutely dislike what the next morning has in store for us? The annoying headaches, dehydration, fatigue and all that super annoying stuff. Here are a few tips that will save you from the troublesome hangovers and help make the next morning more productive.

1.Eat well:
Always make it a point to eat something light before you go out drinking. Drinking on a lined stomach helps a great deal and saves you the trouble of binge eating along with drinks. Also, you must make it a point to eat a proper meal before going to bed.

Make it a point to drink a glass of water after one or two drinks. This will help keep your body hydrated and well needless to say, you’ll wake up as fresh as a bird. Don’t worry! It won’t kill your buzz. It’ll help avoid throwing up situation. Have a few small sips of water and you’re good to go.

3.Dairy Products:
Dairy products help cut down the effect of alcohol. So, instead of drinking a glass of milk post drinking, you must have one before you go out drinking. Trust me you will definitely not need that dispersion the next morning.

Always remember, drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea. It really messes up your night and let’s not even get to the part about how much it ruins your liver. Make it a point to choose your alcohol wisely and stick to white wine and beer in the summers. They have a cooling effect and they end up giving you a really nice high too.

Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend and make it a point to follow these few points the next time you go out drinking with your friends.


A guide to beauty sleep

Not getting your beauty sleep? Tossing and turning in bed has become a routine? If yes, then this article will help you sleep better at night.

There are numerous reasons why one cannot sleep at night. It could be anxiety, stress, etc. I haven’t been able to sleep properly for a few weeks now but shaping up your routine could actually help. It worked for me but let’s see if it works for you guys. Also, do not rely on sleeping pills or any other form of drugs and alcohol. It’ll just make matters worse.

1.Reduce caffeine:

Caffeine as we all know helps us stay awake. Cutting down on your caffeine intake could make a huge difference. I used to drink coffee at least two times a day if not more. But now, I’ve reduced it to just one cup a day.

2. Smoking:
Cutting down on the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day could really help solve the issue. Anything in excess is bad and trust me when I say this, nicotine doesn’t let you sleep. It definitely does help reduce stress but doesn’t help with getting any sleep. So, if you feel like you cannot quit immediately, try reducing the amount you smoke in a day.

3. Eat healthy:
Improving your eating habits could also really help. And since the summers are here, try and eat more fruits and drink lots of water. As much as people our age prefer junk food over healthy food, believe me it could really be harming you on the inside.

4. Fix a sleeping pattern:
Try and make a sleep routine and make it a point to follow it. I know all that partying and drinking could really mess it up but don’t worry I will be covering that in my next article. Make it a point to turn off the lights and put your phones away max by 11 pm. Make it a point to wake up a little early, maybe 8 am. And no matter how busy you are, try and squeeze in a one hour nap in the afternoons.

5. Exercise regularly:
There are only two kinds of people: fitness freaks and lazy asses. If you’re a lazy ass just like me, it’s time to get your ass up and workout!! Even if you just walk for say half an hour or dance to a mix tape, it helps you stay fit (and by dancing to mix tapes I do not mean dancing at parties). Your body gets tired with just a little exercise and that helps the sleep cycle.

I really hope this article works for you guys the same amount as it did for me. Let me know if you’re getting any sleep after making these changes or not. Also, drop me a mail in case you have more to add onto this issue. We could write a sequel for the same topic. Have a fabulous week!!

Zu Tisch: Review

Looking for a fun place for karaoke in New Delhi on a Friday night? If yes, Zu Tisch is the place to be. Zu Tisch is this place in GK-1, M block market. I happened to go there with a few friends on a Friday night a couple of months ago and all of us absolutely loved it, to the extent that we went there again the following week on Friday night to sing our hearts out.

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So here’s how my experience was. As a college student, you have a fixed amount of pocket money. So, you tend to look for places that are affordable and yet have a good menu as far as both food and drinks are concerned. In a place like Delhi, looking for such places could turn out to be a little challenging.

Zu Tisch offers you an amazing, cosy ambience. The one thing I loved about the place was the crowd. To be honest the first time we went there, there was some karaoke competition going on. So, the place was super crowded and given the fact that it’s not a very big place, it did end up getting a little claustrophic. But that didn’t take the fun out of it at all. The sad part about that night was us not being allowed to sing even though we really wanted to (and believe me when I say this, we aren’t that good when it comes to singing).

Anyway, the next time we went there, we actually figured out what the crowd at Zu Tisch is actually like. There weren’t very many people, we finally managed singing a few songs, had a fabulous night, drank quite a bit and ate amazing food and paid like 500 bucks per person. Honestly, I’m not the kind of person who likes going to places that have lesser crowd and stuff, but there’s just something about Zu Tisch that makes me want to go back there every Friday.

So, if you ever happen to be there on a Friday night, do let me know how your experience was either in the comment section below or you could also email it to me. Also, you could check the menu and the prices on Zomato. Have a great time you guys and I would absolutely love to hear all about your Friday night!

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your partner

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Maintaining a healthy relationship with the one you love can be a little tricky sometimes. You need to make a conscious effort to keep the spark alive. But what do you do if you begin to feel like you’re drifting away from each other? In my opinion, since every individual is unique, they possess different qualities, which is what makes the entire process of being in a happy, healthy relationship a little complicated. But don’t worry; these tips might help you guys revive the ‘spark’.

First, you must ask yourself the following questions:

1. Are you giving him/her their space?
First and foremost you must remember that being clingy will just drive your partner further away from you. He/she requires their space sometimes, as you do too. Is that too much to ask for? Well to be honest, I really don’t think so.

2. Are you being a little over possessive?
Being possessive is something that, in my opinion, is alright but only to a certain extent. Talking to a person of the opposite sex in no big deal. Possessiveness actually tends to increase the possibility of your partner cheating on you. Also things like “You can’t go out wearing that short dress”, “I won’t let you go out clubbing”, “I don’t like you talking to girls/guys”, etc. Well! Just get these sentences out of your system. Your partner has all the right to do whatever they wish to. However, if something does bother you too much, never hesitate to talk to them about it. Which brings me to my next question.

3. What is the communication like?
Stay honest. Tell your partner how you feel, if you don’t like something about them, if something they did pissed you off, and the list goes on. Trust them enough to know that you don’t have to lie to them.

4. Is there enough appreciation and complements?
Who doesn’t like a little appreciation or when you throw a few compliments here and there? Well, we all know the answer to that now, don’t we? When someone has been in a relationship for a few years, one might feel like the love is either fading away or has faded away already. In order to make your partner realize that you still feel the same way, compliment them every once in a while and appreciate the efforts they’ve been making to make this work with you.

5. Do you trust them, and are you loyal yourself?
Trust is the backbone for every relationship. It takes years for people to build that trust, so please don’t be so inhuman by crushing it in just a second. It’s a lot of hard work building all that trust just for one person. How to figure out if you really trust your partner? The second you start doubting their actions, that’s when you should kiss the trust goodbye! Needless to say, stay loyal to your partner because that’s the least you can do for them for loving you.

6. Do you stand up for your relationship?
People would try and wreck your relationship at every step out of jealousy at most times or just for fun because they have nothing better to do in their lives. But be strong enough to confront your partner instead of just believing everything people say because that believing people would only add to the pile of misunderstandings.

According to me, the following quote holds very true,

“A true relationship is two imperfect people refusing to give up on each other.”

Good luck!

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Top 10 beauty vloggers you should definitely follow

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Being your own makeup artist and hairstylist is what makes every woman’s life simpler. (Source: Thinkstock Images)

There’re no two ways about it; women bond over makeup. For many, it’s the harbinger of change, of new found friendships, business empires, and even powerful blogs. The latest addition to this is YouTube beauty vloggers, lovely people who like to share open secrets and beauty tips and tricks. Are they as powerful and influential as someone like Anna Wintour or Alexa Chung in the fashion industry? Not really, but they are no less and have a huge fan following of their own. We need them in our lives and we need them bad; to brush up on our techniques and learn the fine art of make-up.

For all you beginners out there, here is a list of ten beauty vloggers from all across the globe. Not only will they help you with everything you need to know but will also make you confident about playing around with a wide range of colours and looks.

Easy Neon: Diana Curmei a.k.a Easy Neon is a 23-year-old Moldavian. Diana inspires everyone to want to learn make-up, not particularly as a profession but to learn it for themselves.
Why should you be a follower: Natural makeup, party makeup especially highly pigmented eyes, Halloween-themed make-up and eye make-up like smokey eyes are her forte.

Goss Makeup Artist: Wayne Goss a.k.a Goss Makeup Artist is a beauty vlogger in London who runs two YouTube channels. One is under the name Wayne Goss and the other is goss makeup chat. He also has an experience of 15 years in the industry.

Why should you be a follower: For make-up tips and tricks like the right blending techniques and buffing, product reviews like mascara’s, makeup brushes and more.

Huda Beauty: Huda Khattan is the owner of the brand Huda Beauty in Dubai and their most famous product worldwide is the Huda beauty false lashes collection. She, along with two of her sisters, runs a renowned salon in Dubai.

Why should you be a follower: If you are in for makeup tutorials like her signature look which is defined cheeks with thick brows, lots of lashes and overdrawn lips, product reviews on foundations and eyelashes, skincare and haircare regime, and also a lot of fun stuff like blindfolded makeup challenges, then you will love it.

Leyla Rose: Leyla is a 20-year-old make-up artist living in London. She loves experimenting with colours and also interacting with her subscribers.

Why should you be a follower: Game for make-up looks especially spring make-up, product reviews for drug store make-up, make-up haul, hairstyling and Q/A rounds? This is the place to be.

Shawna Truong: Shawna Truong is a beauty vlogger living in Canada. She loves experimenting with new make-up products and various cosmetic brands.

Why should you be a follower: Make-up tutorials for small eyes, unboxing new products from different cosmetic brands, skincare regime, hairstyling, celebrity inspired looks like Kendall Jenner, lookbooks and product giveaways, she does it all.

Carli Bybel: Carli Bybel lives in New Jersey and likes to call herself ‘The beauty Bybel’. She is one of the most famous beauty vloggers who literally depicts every part of her life through her YouTube channel.

Why should you be a follower: For fashion hauls, hairstyles, make-up looks with bold lips, recycle week tutorials, new product launches, interactive sessions with her subscribers and a lot more. Need more reasons?

Elanna Pecherle: Elanna Pecherle is a beauty fanatic living in Canada.

Why should you be a follower: Glam make-up with glitter eyes, subtle eye make-up with shades of brown, hair tutorials, celebrity inspired looks like Gigi Hadid, everyday make-up looks, ‘get ready with me’ talk-through tutorials, bridal series, interesting contests, lookbooks and product reviews are her forte.

Queenii Rozenblad: Queenii Rozenblad lives in the US and is famous for her make-up as well as skincare related videos. A few of her videos have gone viral. Her makeup looks could really inspire dark skinned individuals.

Why should you be a follower: For fashion make-up, photoshoot make-up, DIY videos for nail polish, make-up tips and tricks like ‘how to achieve the perfect brows’ and skincare related videos.

The Makeup Chair: The Makeup Chair is run by Sinead Cady, who is the most subscribed YouTuber/ Beauty Vlogger, living in Ireland. Sinead is also an author of The Makeup Chair Handbook and creates new videos every Monday at 6pm for each chapter.

Why should you be a follower: For make-up lessons on every look you desire and talk-through tutorials, celebrity make-up inspired looks like Nina Dobrev and Khloe Kardashian, and product reviews on eye shadow palette and contour kits, and recommendations.

Aurora AmorPorElMaquillaje: Aurora is a Beauty Vlogger from Spain. Since most of her videos are in Spanish, it gets a little difficult for the viewers to interpret what she is trying to portray but if you check out her videos, you will realise that she is truly talented.

Why should you be a follower: Check out her party make-up, glam make-up, photoshoot make-up, everyday looks, product reviews on eyeshadow pigments and hairstyling techniques and then we will talk.

Hope this post was a helpful guide for all the beauty enthusiasts. Have a look at the entire article featured on the Indian Express website.