A guide to beauty sleep

Not getting your beauty sleep? Tossing and turning in bed has become a routine? If yes, then this article will help you sleep better at night.

There are numerous reasons why one cannot sleep at night. It could be anxiety, stress, etc. I haven’t been able to sleep properly for a few weeks now but shaping up your routine could actually help. It worked for me but let’s see if it works for you guys. Also, do not rely on sleeping pills or any other form of drugs and alcohol. It’ll just make matters worse.

1.Reduce caffeine:

Caffeine as we all know helps us stay awake. Cutting down on your caffeine intake could make a huge difference. I used to drink coffee at least two times a day if not more. But now, I’ve reduced it to just one cup a day.

2. Smoking:
Cutting down on the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day could really help solve the issue. Anything in excess is bad and trust me when I say this, nicotine doesn’t let you sleep. It definitely does help reduce stress but doesn’t help with getting any sleep. So, if you feel like you cannot quit immediately, try reducing the amount you smoke in a day.

3. Eat healthy:
Improving your eating habits could also really help. And since the summers are here, try and eat more fruits and drink lots of water. As much as people our age prefer junk food over healthy food, believe me it could really be harming you on the inside.

4. Fix a sleeping pattern:
Try and make a sleep routine and make it a point to follow it. I know all that partying and drinking could really mess it up but don’t worry I will be covering that in my next article. Make it a point to turn off the lights and put your phones away max by 11 pm. Make it a point to wake up a little early, maybe 8 am. And no matter how busy you are, try and squeeze in a one hour nap in the afternoons.

5. Exercise regularly:
There are only two kinds of people: fitness freaks and lazy asses. If you’re a lazy ass just like me, it’s time to get your ass up and workout!! Even if you just walk for say half an hour or dance to a mix tape, it helps you stay fit (and by dancing to mix tapes I do not mean dancing at parties). Your body gets tired with just a little exercise and that helps the sleep cycle.

I really hope this article works for you guys the same amount as it did for me. Let me know if you’re getting any sleep after making these changes or not. Also, drop me a mail in case you have more to add onto this issue. We could write a sequel for the same topic. Have a fabulous week!!


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