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The true meaning of Love

Hello there all you gorgeous people! This post is absolutely random because I didn’t plan on writing anything, and by anything I mean not even an alphabet on this topic, in spite of all the requests I got after posting the previous articles under the blossoming mind. But something just made me do it today. Keep reading to find out what really inspired me to share my views on what being in love truly signifies.

Sitting all by myself I finally realized what love means. All these years ‘love’ is what I yearned for. I’m sure most of you are in the same place as I was until this moment. I came across so many definitions for what love actually means, whether it was on Google or every time I asked someone. But everything that people said to me about what love means to them, never made any sense.

But tonight, it just randomly struck me. Funny story! I was trying to relax because I’ve had a few things on my mind lately that have kind of been bothering me. I was watching an episode of ‘How I met your mother’. What’s strange is that I have watched the entire series a lot of times in the past few months and I actually remembered every detail of every episode I watched, until now. I noticed something that I never did before. I learnt what love actually is and how it feels.

I really don’t want to make this article too long because to be honest I just want this to sink in but at the same time, I couldn’t resist telling you all about my experience tonight. So, are you guys ready to finally hear the true meaning of love that we all have been searching for, for quite some time?

Get ready because I am about to spill some beans.


“Love isn’t something that develops over time.

It’s something that happens instantaneously.

It’s like the water gushing onto the shore.

Filling you and emptying you at the same time.

You feel it throughout your body,

In your hands, your skin, your stomach, your heart.”


Have any of you ever felt this way about someone? If your answer is, ‘I think so’. Then maybe you should read this very carefully. Because if you have to think about it; you haven’t really felt it. The reason I am so excited right now is because I have been searching for this for years now and I finally found out all about it. I realised that in life we repeat one episode quite a few times, we make the same mistake twice, but even then in times of repitition we tend to see something different always.

Anyway, I hope you guys are as excited about it as me. This one episode actually opened my eyes and I really hope that what I have shared with each one of you today helps you to do the same. There is lots of love coming your way. Stay happy you guys!