Zu Tisch: Review

Looking for a fun place for karaoke in New Delhi on a Friday night? If yes, Zu Tisch is the place to be. Zu Tisch is this place in GK-1, M block market. I happened to go there with a few friends on a Friday night a couple of months ago and all of us absolutely loved it, to the extent that we went there again the following week on Friday night to sing our hearts out.

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So here’s how my experience was. As a college student, you have a fixed amount of pocket money. So, you tend to look for places that are affordable and yet have a good menu as far as both food and drinks are concerned. In a place like Delhi, looking for such places could turn out to be a little challenging.

Zu Tisch offers you an amazing, cosy ambience. The one thing I loved about the place was the crowd. To be honest the first time we went there, there was some karaoke competition going on. So, the place was super crowded and given the fact that it’s not a very big place, it did end up getting a little claustrophic. But that didn’t take the fun out of it at all. The sad part about that night was us not being allowed to sing even though we really wanted to (and believe me when I say this, we aren’t that good when it comes to singing).

Anyway, the next time we went there, we actually figured out what the crowd at Zu Tisch is actually like. There weren’t very many people, we finally managed singing a few songs, had a fabulous night, drank quite a bit and ate amazing food and paid like 500 bucks per person. Honestly, I’m not the kind of person who likes going to places that have lesser crowd and stuff, but there’s just something about Zu Tisch that makes me want to go back there every Friday.

So, if you ever happen to be there on a Friday night, do let me know how your experience was either in the comment section below or you could also email it to me. Also, you could check the menu and the prices on Zomato. Have a great time you guys and I would absolutely love to hear all about your Friday night!


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