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The ideal skincare regime

Are you suffering from terrible acne? Do you have way too many blemishes? No matter what you apply on the face and no matter how many precautions you take with the products you use, it just won’t go away? Have you always wished for the most perfect, flawless skin? If yes, then this is what you need to do: TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN! There are steps that one needs to follow if they want to have a flawless skin.  When a girl is suffering from breakouts, it feels to her as though the earth just collapsed. I totally feel you girls! The following things need to be kept in mind at all times if you wish to get rid of breakouts and have a flawless skin.


Many people ask me this one question, ‘What do healthy habits have to do with achieving a flawless skin?’ Well, here’s the thing. If you do not follow a healthy regime, it tends to take a toll on your skin eventually. Now by healthy habits I mean getting your beauty sleep (8 hours of sleep every night…you could do late nights once in a while), eating healthy food (no fried and junk food, but lots of green vegetables), eating loads of fresh fruit-especially papaya in the morning, drinking a lot of water (it helps hydrate your skin at all times), avoid smoking (Smoking makes your skin look very haggard and aged. It makes your acne a lot worse than it already is).


Many women do not wash their face twice a day or just rinse it with water and they’re done with their step of cleansing. It is extremely important for you to wash your face twice everyday no matter what. The pores on your facial skin collect a lot of dirt throughout the day than they do through the night. Hence, washing your face at night is a lot more important than washing your face in the morning. But by that I do not mean you must not wash your face in the morning. Always keep one thing in mind- NEVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON. It’ll just make matters worse for you if you have an acne prone skin. Another thing that you need to keep in mind is that even if you use makeup everyday to hide the acne on your face, make sure you USE A PRIMER. A primer helps act as a barrier between your skin and the makeup products you apply.

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS:  If you suffer from acne then you must use a very soft and gentle face cleanser- Cetaphil and Episoft are highly recommended. For other skin types you could use the Neutrogena deep clean face cleanser. I Absolutely LOVE this face wash!

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Sometimes what happens is that there is some cleanser left off on your skin. Residual cleanser contributes a huge deal in causing breakouts. That’s when the toner comes into the picture. No matter what you do, DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! A toner helps tone your skin, removing the residue cleanser on your skin, cleaning it completely and giving it a nice glow.

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS: The L’Oreal hydrating toner is a must have.

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After all that cleansing and toning, your skin does require a bit of pampering doesn’t it? So go ahead and massage some moisturizer into your skin once you complete the steps stated above. But just make sure you don’t overdo it. You might just end up exfoliating your skin way too much if you moisturize it a lot.

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS: Nivea soft is highly recommended. It’s so light and does its job really well.

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Some people skip the most important step everyday-which is applying sunscreen. Just imagine what all those harmful UV rays would do to your skin? Don’t really care about that? Well then just think about the tan. Who wants to get tanned every summer? Sunscreen should be every girl’s best friend. It protects your skin from all the pigmentation.

PRODUCT RECOMMENDATIONS: The Neutrogena ultra sheer sunscreen and the Suncross Aquagel sunscreen are the best one’s I’ve come across till now. The best part is they are both waterproof so you could just go for a swim and you would still have sunscreen on your face. No need for a touch up!!

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  • Just dab your face with a gentle towel after cleansing.
  • Make sure you cleanse your face after washing off conditioner from your hair.
  • Everyone would have their own preferences but these products really work well for me.
  • If acne still persists, consult a doctor.
  • Avoid using as much makeup as possible till the time your skin problems are driven away.


Hey guys! So I am back with another product review. The product that I will be reviewing today is the L’Oreal Infallible 24-hr Foundation. I have previously reviewed this product on my Snap chat account, and for all of you who missed out on that, read up!! 🙂

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To be honest, when I first heard of this product, I was a little apprehensive to test it. But then a life of a MUA is such that you have to test every possible product that you plan on using on your clients, even if there is something holding you back from doing so. So, I actually gathered the guts to test this product after a lot of self convincing and I was actually surprised by what it had to offer. This foundation is now my favourite drug store foundation. The L’Oreal Paris 24-hr Foundation is a budget foundation which is actually way too good for its price and is easily available in the market.

It is meant for oily or combination skin types and not dry skin. When I first tried this product, I was dealing with a major acne crisis. And since I was undergoing treatment for the same, my skin was already very dry and the use of this foundation actually caused a lot of peeling of the skin, giving my skin a very cakey look. So, given my experience, do not use this product if you have a dry skin or a cakey look is what you’ll have to deal with. But if you do not have a dry skin, this product will do wonders for you. It gives a very nice velvety finish. If you prefer a velvety or dewy finish, there is no need to use a setting powder because trust me when I say this, your foundation won’t budge. L’Oreal Paris has definitely stuck to the ‘24-hr’ tag. But if you are more of a matte look kind of person, then using a setting powder always helps.

Now, talking about the kind of coverage it offers, this product offers you the ability to play around with the coverage however you want it to be. To achieve a medium coverage, you must use as little product as possible and well, a little bit of blending always gives you an upper hand to make it look quite natural. But if you are looking for a full coverage, then feel free to use as much product you are comfortable with, but what you would really have to focus on is the blending technique you use. The more you blend the more natural it’ll look. And then of course the use of a setting powder will help achieve a fuller look. In fact, due to the range of coverage this product has to offer, at times the use of a concealer is not even required.

I hope this article was helpful. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions in the box below. Have a fabulous weekend y’all! 😉

INR- 1500 (Approx.)