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Hello there all you makeup enthusiasts! Hope you guys had a fabulous weekend. A few weeks ago I had reviewed a Maybelline product on Snapchat which was the Fashion Brow Duo Shaper. For all of you, who missed out on that, you could have a look at a detailed version of it below.

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The Maybelline Fashion Brow Duo Shaper is a drugstore, brow pencil. The pencil comes in two shades- brown and grey. Currently, I am using the grey because I feel like it just blends in with my natural brow colour. But I would suggest you really study your brows before picking it up.

If you have like greyish-blackish, thick brows then you should definitely go in for the grey. But if you have a lighter shade of brows like a light brown or if your brow growth is more towards the scanty side, then I would suggest you go in for the brown. But then again, the choice is yours to make.

Now let’s come down to talking about the product. It’s a very affordable product and would also last you a long time. I will be mentioning the cost at the end of the article. You can find this product at any Maybelline cosmetics counter or even at the drugstores. The brow shaper consists of two ends, as you can see in the picture I have attached in the beginning of the article. One of them is the pencil which of course you can easily figure out. The other side, which is the fluffy end, is the powder.

Which end to use when? Well, mostly what everyone would and should do is use the pencil end to line up the brows and fill them in with the powder end. But what I do is, I use the powder end whenever I feel like my brows are shaped perfectly and just need to be darkened a little, giving them a more natural effect. I normally use the pencil part to of course line my brows but also to fill them when they are not shaped well.

So, you can use this product as per your requirements. The use of a Fashion Brow is very flexible and it is also very portable. My experience using this product has been absolutely great so far and I would highly recommend it rather than going in for brow kits from various expensive brands.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading the review. BTW! I have some great news for all my readers. I will be adding a lifestyle section to the blog soon so that ways you guys can read about literally anything instead of just reading all about beauty. It could take a while though so don’t wait up. I will notify you guys once the section is up. Until then, keep coming back for some more reviews. Have a great week J

INR-  300 (approx.)


Lancome Virtuose Drama Mascara: Review

Hey guys! So a couple of months ago I reviewed this amazing mascara from Lancôme on my snapchat @foxyallure. Read up further for a review on the Lancome Virtuose Drama Mascara.

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The Lancome virtuose drama mascara is not waterproof but it is so far the blackest of black that I have come across. My work is all about using all sorts of makeup products on myself first before using them on my clients. And since I have used a lot many types of mascara so far, I can definitely say that this is so far the best one.

The Lancôme virtuose drama has the ability to make your lashes look so much longer and thicker if you apply it the right way at the base of the lashes. I had this little incident some time back when my eyelash curler broke while I was curling my eyelashes and quite a few of my inner lashes from my right eye fell off. So I had this constant need to wear falsies because that was the only way it wouldn’t be so prominent. But when I used this mascara, I did not feel the need to wear falsies or for that matter even eyeliner. So at the base it kind of gives the same effective as dark falsies adhesive.

Now let’s talk about the brush for the mascara. The brush for the Lancome mascara is quite round, which is what helps it give your eyelashes an extra bounce. It also has thin bristles which helps separate each strand and helps your lashes get a much fuller look. Don’t we all hate it when our mascara starts blending out on the face on washing it off? Well…that’s precisely what the non-waterproof mascaras do, isn’t it? What I am about to tell you next is what made me fall even more in love with this mascara.

When you wash your makeup off, the mascara won’t bleed out on your face. You do not require a makeup remover to get rid of the mascara. The best thing is that once your lashes are a little damp, you can just run your finger tips through your lashes and the mascara will just peel off and that too very easily. So it won’t feel as though you are pulling your lashes and being very harsh on them. Also, another thing that I really like about this mascara is that it gives the same effect to your lashes as falsies do and it does not clump at all.

I would definitely recommend this product to everyone and especially to those who have short, yet heavy lashes and have a problem with making them stay curled throughout the day. Also, I would recommend it to those, who want to make their lashes look longer.

Hope this article was helpful. Feel free to leave your comments below. J

PRICE- INR 1500 (approx.)