Hello there all you beautiful people! This is an introductory post to the blog just so all of you feel like you actually know me, while reading all my posts. So let me begin with introducing myself first.

About Me:
I, Niharika Bhullar, am a Professional Makeup Artist, turned into a beauty blogger. I’m in my early twenties and I have been brought up in a small city, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh. At present I am pursuing journalism in Delhi.

My Aim:
Through this blog I, not only wish to enlighten people about beauty hacks and different products, but I wish to solve everyone’s queries as to how to achieve a flawless skin and all that jazz.

What inspired me?
Here is a question most frequently asked by many. So, how I actually decided this is where I belong is actually quite an unpleasant story. This means I will not be getting into the details of how I came about with starting Foxy Allure as a brand. The basic story is that I actually took up makeup as a challenge because there were a few people I knew who thought I couldn’t do it. During this entire process of learning makeup, I figured out as to how passionate I was about it and well…here I am today.

About the brand:
Foxy Allure is team of only two individuals so far but it will grow once I am out of college and actually have all the time in the world to build up the brand. As of now, it’s just me and Anuj Mehra as my photographer, who is amazingly talented.

Why Foxy Allure?
Funny story! My roommate and I actually sat down and thought of the name. Foxy actually signifies makeup and like a typical cunning look, and Allure, by the dictionary means beauty. So, one of us thought of allure and the other thought of foxy and that is how I decided to club the two words.

How will my posts benefit you?
Well…I feel like people who are makeup enthusiasts and love everything about beauty and makeup, will manage to gain a lot of useful information from my blog. Not only will I suggest you the best makeup products to buy, I will also give you an insight to all the beauty and makeup hacks you need to know about.

I really hope you guys manage gaining something out of reading my posts and I will try my level best to keep the enthusiasm alive. 🙂